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Mango Wellness

Curated Holistic Health Program

Reawaken $375 (billed once) 

4 part 3 month custom wellness road-map

3 doctors visits (in person or online)

Unlimited messaging for 3 months**

    **during office hours only 

Program details 

1. 90 days low inflammation diet

2. Introduction fasting mimicking cycle

3. Custom mobility exercises based on functional movement assessment

4. Mindfulness stress practice based on body scans and nonjudgmental thought

5. Supplement recommendation based on patients needs.

Patients may see 

  • Reduction in pain and inflammation

  • Improvement in sleep

  • Decrease in stress

  • Increased flexabilty

  • Improvement in general well being and happiness

  • Blood marker changes* after 5 months

  • cholesterol (total and low density lipoprotiens), fasting glucose, IGF-1, triglycerides,C-reactive protein

This tailored program is based on individual needs and unique bodies. Through diet, movement, body awareness, and nonjudgmental thought, we support a journey to help melt away years of stress, inflammation, and negative emotion.

  *blood marker changes may be seen after successful completion of 2 more FMD.  Completed by client at end of program 

   *Science translational medicine 9(377):eaa18700  FEB2017


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