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Mango Wellness  

A Holistic Approach 

Curated Onsite Wellness & Events 

Own or Manage a Property?

Make your building more attractive to tenants.  Book comprehensive onsite wellness events that are curated exclusively for your tenants.  We can operate out of any open floor or unused space. 

Make your building more attractive to potential tenants and keep existing ones happy!

Corporate Wellness

Provide your employees in-house access to the best wellness in NYC.   Reduce stress,
decrease inflammation, and increase worker productivity. 

We address 4 of the top 5 causes of absenteeism: injury, burnout, stress, and mental health. Ensure motivated, happy, healthy employees. 



Mango Wellness Options  

Wellness 101 - Interactive education series for large groups. Learn
how to undo the damage of sitting for a more productive and injury
free workplace.  We empower employees to take back their health.
Reduce inflammation, manage stress, and increase movement.  We are
your in-house source for how to implement the latest trends and
techniques from the wellness world.

Flow sessions - Our signature series has an instant impact on the body
through movement and massage.  These 20 minute targeted intensives are uniquely designed to address the needs of your everyday office worker.  Increase range of motion, move lymph, and promote blood flow. We will undo the pain and dysfunction from sitting, stress, and overuse from repetitive motion. Employees pick focus area; face/head, upper back/shoulders, hands/wrists, or feet/legs for each session.


Massage - 10 -15 minute traditional shiatsu massage. Relieve muscle tension and promote blood flow. Designed for the seated office worker.

Meditation - Become present through body awareness and non-judgmental thought.  Decrease anxiety and stress.

Yoga - Increase flexibility, increase muscle strength and tone. 


Wellness talks and Q&A at The United Nations

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